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Photoluminescent or glow in the dark products

Over the past decade, we have become familiar with photoluminescent or glow in the dark products. We have seen novely items such as children pajamas, toys at fair which glow and attract attention.  We have also seen non-powered photoluminescent exit signs and arrows which direct individuals out of an office or hotel in power failure situations.  Further, use of photoluminescent ink on clothing, cars, plates and posters is becoming more common. The use of photoluminescent paints on art--canvas and glass are also gaining popularity. You may have also seen woven products which have been sewn or embroidered with photoluminescent thread. Besides these areas, photoluminescent products are finding applications in security and tamper-evident markers.

 Photoluminescent ghosts in light Photoluminescent ghosts in the dark 
 photo in light  photo in dark

What is photoluminescence or glow in the dark?

Photoluminescence is a process where a material aborbs photon energy (light) at one wavelength; stores it by exciting an electron to a higher energy state; photoluminescence (light emission) is observed when the excited electron returns to the lower energy state. The typical process of excitation and light emission takes 10s of seconds. By arrangement of molecules via doping with additives, one can extend the photoluminescent periods to more useful time scales of 10 minute to 20 hours.  The rocks below show photoluminecence as they are photographed in the dark.

Photoluminescent rocks pictured in the dark

Above: Rocks exhibiting photoluminescence

Are Photoluminescent pigments dangerous?

At one time, photoluminescent pigments used to be radioactive.  No more.  These products are typically pigmented with strontium aluminate or doped zinc sulfide. These materials are safe for use.

What are some interesting applications of photoluminescence?  

Soccer ball with glow in the dark patches

My favorite is the football pictured above.  Remember all the times when it became too dark to see the football and the game was tied.  Now, you can continue playing for atleast 30 minutes longer. 

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